What's for Pudding?

Meath based Mother & Son run company providing gorgeous home-made dessert puddings and delicious sauces.
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The What's for Pudding story began at home and continues at home. Catriona grew up in a house in Dublin, where there was always a welcoming cup of tea and ‘something nice’ for the many visitors and friends who called.

​For Catriona, the big question on arriving home from school, was always “What’s for Pudding?” ​Catriona’s mother, Molly, was from Belfast and dessert was always ‘pudding’. ​Many years later, when Catriona and her family decided to make puddings, they had already been well tested, tasted and enthusiastically approved by family and friends. “What’s for Pudding?” was the obvious choice of name.
At What's For Pudding, they make their puddings with great care for you, and add that ‘special something’ that comes from years of experience cooking for family and friends. Based in the Boyne Valley at Kilmessan, County Meath, the Flaherty Family work hard to produce the very best dessert puddings, with high quality ingredients and absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

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  • Rich Chocolate
  • Sticky Toffee
  • Ginger & Seville Orange
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Co. Meath
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