Membership of Boyne Valley Flavours

There has never been a better time to join Boyne Valley Flavours, with the generous joint support of both Meath and Louth Co. Councils, their respective LEOs and our dedicated Food Development Officer- Gráinne McKeown. Our aim for 2020 and into the future is to ensure, through a collaborative effort, the promotion of local food, drink, and ‘food/drink tourism’ activities across our region.
Join us, and become part of a successful regional food family, where friendships are forged, new ideas are ‘spawned’, business advice & inspiration is shared with like-minded people. 
Below are only a few of the many benefits you get as a member of Boyne Valley Flavours, to find out more email us today at and we would be happy to talk you through the rest!
Be part of bringing the Boyne Valley Region to the fore in Ireland and beyond, for its food & drinks. Help us to build a strong stakeholder community and for us to collaborative work together to brand the Boyne Valley as a Food Tourism Destination. Having been globally recognised at the Food Trekking Awards 2019 for Most Innovative Marketing Campaign for Food/Beverage Destination, the Boyne Valley will have the eyes of the International Food Tourism market on it this year. We are passionate about promoting food/beverage producers and venues in the Boyne Valley and continuing to put it on the global stage.
Benefits of Boyne Valley Flavour’s Membership
  • Your food/drink business/event/venue will be branded in partnership with an internationally recognized award-winning food tourism brand.
  • Your food/drink business/event/venue will be advertised via 20,000+ printed "Boyne Valley Food Series" brochures which is distributed are distributed nationally and internationally. 
  • Each food/drink business/event/venue receives a dedicated event page on our new Boyne Valley Flavour's website.
  • You will have the opportunity to sell your product via our new online market.
  • Each food/drink business/event/venue is advertised on all social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, on both Boyne Valley Flavours and Discover Boyne Valley Tourism accounts.
  • Regular Press Releases are sent to relevant publications with the help of our appointed PR/ Marketing company.
  • Boyne Valley Flavours branding for any Boyne Valley Flavour’s event you hold including stands, banners, road signs and bunting.
  • Regular food network events that seek to connect you with other members of our network, encourage new business opportunities and learn from industry experts. 
  • Your food/drink business/event/venue will be advertised by Discover Boyne Valley Tourism also via their website. They also promote Boyne Valley Flavours at national and international tourism trade shows throughout the year.
  • Boyne Valley Flavours Voucher- as a member you can sign up to be part of our voucher system which we actively promote year round.
  • Opportunity to attend organised familiarization (FAM) trips, our 2020 trip is to Donegal in mid February.
  • Opportunities to take part in initiatives such as Place on a Plate for hospitality members.

These are only a few of the many benefits you get as a member of Boyne Valley Flavours, to find out more email us at and we would be happy to talk you through the rest!