Membership of Boyne Valley Flavours

There has never been a better time to join Boyne Valley Flavours, with the generous joint support of both Meath and Louth Co. Councils, their respective LEOs and our dedicated Food Development Officer- Gráinne McKeown. Our aim for 2021, and beyond, is to promote the Boyne Valley region as a “Foodie Destination” under the one brand, Discover Boyne Valley Flavours. This is achieved through a collaborative effort of promoting local food & drink producers, food/drink tourism activities or food events through our Boyne Valley Food Series and showcasing the eateries in the region that provide a local food offering through our Place on a Plate campaign.

Join us, and become part of a successful regional food family, where friendships are forged, new ideas are ‘spawned’, business advice & inspiration is shared with like-minded people. 

There are many benefits you get as a member of Boyne Valley Flavours, to find out more email us today at and we would be happy to talk you through the rest!

Benefits of Boyne Valley Flavour’s Membership

  • All members will be branded in partnership with an internationally recognized award-winning food tourism brand.
  • The Brand provides consumer assurance that they are purchasing/supporting locally produced food/drink producers & food experiences from the Boyne Valley Region.
  • Exclusive use of the ‘Discover Boyne Valley Flavours” brand - access to artwork i.e. logos, etc.
  • Each food & drink business/event/venue receives a dedicated members page on our new Boyne Valley Flavour's website.
  • Support from our dedicated PR/ Marketing company & our Brand Ambassadors (The Gastro Gays); with regular posts across our social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Access to our private Boyne Valley Flavours Network WhatsApp group
  • Opportunity to be involved in exciting projects such as our annual Samhain Festival, our new online shop/ Boyne Valley food boxes and much more! 
  • We host regular Food Network events / workshops / FAM Trips, in association with the Local Enterprise Offices, that seek to connect you with other members of our network, encourage new business opportunities and learn from industry experts. These specific themed events may have a small fee
  • Receive regular updates of upcoming events, funding, industry programmes and support opportunities available to help you and your business grow 
  • Benefit from coverage generated by regular Press Releases and monthly Newsletters featuring events, producers and awards which is sent to local, regional and national publications.
  • Working in collaboration with Discover Boyne Valley Tourism who promote your activities and initiatives at all major national and international trade fairs and consumer shows.
  • Boyne Valley Flavour's Voucher- as a member you can sign up to be part of our voucher system which we actively promote year round.
  • Opportunity to feature in pitches and media drops to TV, radio and press on specific topics with a view to getting coverage for local products, producers and events.
  • Opportunities to take part in initiatives such as Place on a Plate for hospitality members.
  • Our Food Development Officer, Gráinne McKeown, is here to offer support and guidance to you as needed.

These are only a few of the many benefits you get as a member of Boyne Valley Flavours, to find out more email us at and we would be happy to talk you through the rest!