Lir Chocolates

Lir Chocolates
Lir Chocolates

Lir was created in Dublin in 1987 by Connie Doody and Mary White, and began on Connie’s kitchen table, with a food mixer and a bowl. Those early days instilled a spirit of creativity and attention to detail, that are still integral to Lir Chocolates today.

Through the years, that spirit of adventure has made Lir Chocolates a leading provider of premium chocolates to major retailers, both at home and abroad. Since those early days, they have devoted themselves to the magic and the craft of creating hand-finished and hand-decorated chocolates, based on both traditional recipes and gloriously unfamiliar new combinations. All products are manufactured in their factory in Navan. 

Lir Chocolate Factory Shop in Navan, Co Meath is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 4.30pm! Not only do they have delicious Easter Eggs and Bunnies, their Baileys Chocolate and Guinness Chocolate ranges are the perfect self-treat or gift for the chocolate lover in your life!
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Co. Meath.
C15 PK33

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