Discover Boyne Valley Flavours

Let us help you to plan your visit, so you can discover and immerse yourself in the traditions of the ancient Boyne Valley, in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East. We are known around the world for being home to iconic sites such as Newgrange and The Hill of Tara; but what you might not know is that we are also home to many passionate farmers, food and drink producers, chefs, eateries and accommodation providers whose passion is to bring the unique flavours of our landscape to your table.


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Throughout Ireland, we have begun to appreciate how our food culture contributes to the quality of our lives and the joy we experience when we have better access to quality nutritious food, sustainably produced from our rich soil and sea. Today, our understanding of gastronomy has deepened as we recognise the relationship that food has with society and its vital part of our intangible cultural heritage - social gastronomy. A vibrant food culture acts as a catalyst for change, bridging the gap between art, science, history and our environmental ambitions.

We believe preserving and celebrating our food culture, past, present and future, will enhance people’s relationship with food, connect them to the source of their food and the people who produce it. When we speak about food, we also include our rich heritage in brewing, distilling and drink production. Our purpose is to facilitate greater connectivity between food, people, soil and sea.