McEntee's Irish Tea

McEntee's Irish Tea, Award winning blends of traditional Irish loose tea.


“Irish Blends of loose leaf tea is what we at McEntee’s Tea are passionate about. The perfect blend to make the perfect moment.” McEntee’s Fine Teas is a family business, run by married couple, Donal and Helen McEntee, carefully blending their tea in Co. Louth.

Their tea is unmistakably Irish, rich in tradition, with a strength and flavour consistent with our commitment to sourcing our teas from only the world’s finest tea gardens. Very aware of the growing desire for a better quality cup of tea, and the increasing trend back to loose tea, their Great Taste Award winning Gold Blend, Irish Breakfast Blend, Irish Afternoon Blend, Organic Sencha Green Tea and Irish Mint and Nettle, offer better quality blends for those with a passion for Irish Tea. McEntee’s Tea wants to ensure that we continue to enjoy quality Irish blends of loose tea, so important to previous generations. In a fast-paced modern world, it bring us back into the moment and offer us a rich, unrivalled refreshing taste of home.
Business Details
Co. Louth.
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