Kells Gin

Kells Gin
The town of Kells or Ceanannas Mór (meaning 'great fort'), here in the Boyne Valley, is known to have been a royal residence before St. Colmcille established a significant monastery in the 6th century, where monks were not just accomplished scholars and scribes, but also brewers and distillers. 
The Kells Gin brand bears reference to the Victorian era (the first era of Gin houses), when Kells Lace manufactory thrived adjacent to the Headfort Arms Hotel. 
This was an era when handmade crafted items were created by the women of Kells - in much the same way that this gin has been handcrafted using unique botanicals, alongside grains of paradise, elderflower, sumac and cubebs - all complemented by citrus orange notes.
Enjoy a Kells Gin with a premium tonic on ice - plus a slice of orange and a hint of orange zest in order to amplify the citrus flavour.