Dunany Flour Organic

Dunany Organic Flour, grown, dried, milled & packaged in Dunany, Co. Louth. Producers of Wholemeal Fine Ground, Spelt, Rye, Wholemeal Extra Course, Organic Plane, Stone Ground Spelt and Spelt Berry Flour.

[Dunany Flour Organic]

The Workman family have developed their flour business using 100% natural organic grains, harvested on their farm at Dunany, on the unspoilt East coast of Ireland.

Home grown and home produced, all their flour is freshly milled to order, retaining the recognisably outstanding quality of taste and texture.
The Workmans use stone ground mills to produce the wonderful soft, fine ground wholemeal, spelt and rye flours.

Their unique extra coarse flour is traditionally ground to produce the nutty wholemeal, delicious for soda bread.
Growing old and traditional varieties of wheat, is of particular interest to the Workmans. Always innovative and experimental, they will soon be sowing organic buckwheat to mill a totally gluten free flour.
Their high standard, quality grain - particularly wheat - produces a wholesome, nutty, coarse-grained flour, which is exceptionally good in traditional soda bread recipes. Their Spelt and Rye flours make tasty low gluten breads.
Business Details
Co. Louth.

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