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Dan Kelly's Cider, Producer of Irish Cider, made from hand picked apples from our own family Orchard.

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Dan Kelly’s Irish Cider is made from apples harvested in Boyne Grove Fruit Farm, their own family farm in the Boyne Valley at Drogheda. Dan Kelly’s grandson, Gerry McNeece, brought the farm from the Cairnes Family in 1962. They have, along with their staff, always made some cider for personal consumption, but it was Olan, Dan’s great grandson, who decided to bring it to market in 2013. “We just had to do it”, said Olan, “After all, we have the apples and we love cider! It’s only natural!” They decided to name their cider after their great grandfather Dan Kelly, who drove a train for the Great Northern Railway.

The main Dublin-Belfast line runs through their orchard, and Dan would have passed regularly driving “The Enterprise” express train. Dan Kelly lived to the ripe old age of 91 years, and they think of him every time the current express passes through. They are excited to see their cider for sale throughout Ireland (and beyond), and are proud to see that Dan Kelly’s name lives on. The Dan Kelly’s Cider family has a range of three different blends: Their Original Cider is a refreshing and natural drink, that is perfect for any occasion. Cider apples are blended with Bramley and dessert fruit, to give it a dry finish. This, mixed with a light carbonation, allows the flavour of their apples to shine through. Their Whiskey Cask Cider has been fermented in Bourbon casks for 6 months & matured for 12 months. It has a light golden colour, is mildly carbonated and is full of sweet and oaky flavours.

There are no artificial flavours or preservatives, and is a great option for coeliacs or vegans. Their Single Variety Cider No 1, is the latest addition to the Dan Kelly’s Cider Family. It comes in a 330ml bottle, is highly carbonated, and is nice and crisp. It goes particularly well with food. What makes their ciders unique is that they don’t only manage their own orchards – they handpick their own apples too.

The orchards cover 80 acres and boast 20 different apples, harvesting between mid-August to late November, and sometimes even December. They are one of only a few cider producers in Ireland who grow their own fruit. Dan Kelly's don’t use sulphites or cultured yeasts. They don’t add acid, artificial colours, sweeteners or anything else. They simply press the apples and let wild yeasts do their thing. Their ciders are available internationally, as well as in stockists all over Ireland. 


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