Carlingford Oyster Company

Carlingford Oyster Company, a family run business based in Carlingford, where oysters have thrived for many centuries.  A unique sweet taste and high meat content of the Carlingford Oyster is one of nature's real treasures.

[Carlingford Oyster Company]

Carlingford Oysters was established in 1974, by Peter Louet Feisser. It is currently owned and managed by his son Kian and daughter in law Mary, in Carlingford, Co. Louth.

The company currently employees 17 full and part time staff. Over the past 20 years, they have marketed our award winning oysters directly to customers throughout Ireland, the UK and as far afield as Hong Kong and China. Their oysters can be found in some of the world's prestigious restaurants.

They grow their oysters in the pristine class A waters of Carlingford Lough. They feed from the naturally occurring plankton and the unique mix of local minerals, which wash down from the mountain streams, produce our oyster’s distinctive taste, texture and colour. The oysters are grown in mesh bags fixed to steel trestles, which stand on the sea bed, the water flows through the mesh bags and carries the plankton and nutrients to the oysters. When the oysters are ready for sale, they are graded, purified and packed ready for sale to wholesalers and restaurants worldwide.
Carlingford Oysters were awarded 3 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2020.
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Co. Louth.
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