Batestown Farm Produce

Batestown Farm Produce
Batestown Farm Produce

 Batestown Farm Produce is a family run farm and business ran by brothers Philip, James, Brendan and sister Roisin, all dedicated to growing, processing and supplying high quality potatoes and vegetables.

Batestown Farm Produce, growers and processors of all your quality Fresh Potatoes and Fresh Cut Chips. Products include Peeled Potatoes, Fresh Cut Chips, Prepared Vegetables, Chipping Potatoes, Diced Potatoes & Sliced Potatoes.

 Batestown Farm Potatoes are harvested on their farm and peeled in their dedicated Processing factory. As well as growing chipping varieties, Batestown Farm also plant and nurture potatoes which are great for mashing and slicing. These varieties include Roosters, Maris Pipers, Markies, Agria and Kerrs Pinks.
They believe there just isn’t a better, pre-prepared chip on the market. They only grow the very best of potatoes for their Fresh Cut Chips. Every fresh batch of Batestown chips is fry-tested and quality-assessed before being distributed. You can always guarantee reliability and quality with their freshly cut Chips, thanks to their high levels of compliance.
We Irish enjoy potatoes all year round. From eating chips on the sea front in Summer to having mash on your Sunday dinner, potatoes provide the ultimate comfort food. They understand the importance of delivering on time, whatever the weather. That’s why they supply Peeled Potatoes & Fresh Cut Chips 365 days a year, all over the Ireland. So whatever the occasion, Batestown Farm Produce delivers.

 Fresh vegetables are harvested & delivered daily to their state of the art processing plant, which is a custom built factory with various facilities that support food safety, freshness and quality. They provide an extensive range of prepared vegetables in a variety of different cuts. 

Batestown Farm are also 100% committed to becoming a more sustainable company. They are all about the environment. We are making several steps to ensure this, for example, they are switching to renewable sources of energy, preventing chemical contamination to the environment/land, dedicated nearly 15 acres to forestry, reduced water usage and have changed their lighting to LED lights. They plan to continue to improve on all aspects of their business.


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Co. Meath.

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