Behind the Menu- The Glyde Inn

Behind the Menu- The Glyde Inn

In this week's Behind the Menu profile we talked to Conor O'Neill of The Glyde Inn in Annagassan County Louth. A multi award winning pub and restaurant that is famous for its fresh fish dishes and recently featured on Neven Maguire's Irish Seafood Trails TV programme. 




How did you get started on your career in hospitality? 

I grew up over the pub which in 2000 extended out into the sea view restaurant.

Do you have a mentor or chef that you would admire or respect? 

It has to be Neven Maguire and I was honored to meet him when we were part of his recent  RTE programme Neven’s Ireland’s Seafood Trails.



What is your favourite part of being a chef/manager/owner?

I love meeting the producers and take an immense amount of pride telling our guests where their food has come from.

As a chef /manager/owner how important is it to you to use local produce in your menu?

We try to be as sustainable as possible and using local produce in my eyes is one of the most important elements of sustainability.

What is your favourite Boyne Valley product?

There are so many but I love Marie’s Ballymakenny Heritage Potatoes, Marita’s Drummond House Garlic, Oriel Sea Salt, Listoke Gin, Slane Whiskey, Bellingham Blue Bheese, Carlingford Oysters and of course Annagassan Razor Clams.

Do you cook at home and if you do, what is your go to dish?

I'm not a chef but I love cooking and in particular fish. My favourite recipe is Annagassan Razor Clam with sauce Verge made from foraged sea kale.



Have you any tips for home bakers who want to improve their cooking?

Use fresh local ingredients and don’t be afraid to experiment 

What is your favourite item on your menu?

Annagassan Razor Clams or Lobster

Obviously, this has been a horrific year for the hospitality industry but what are you most looking forward to when you are able to reopen fully.

Meeting our customers and staff.



Thank you to Conor for taking part and although They Glyde Inn is currently closed when it is permitted to reopen the views are spectacular as is the food so we highly recommend you make a visit to the scenic village of Annagassan to experience The Glyde Inn.

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