Martry Mill - Working Water Mill Tour

Martry Mill - Working Water Mill Tour

Martry Mill - Working Water Mill Tour


Martry Mill is one of the few working watermills in Ireland, with the earliest records dating back to 1641. Meet the maker James, who will guide you through the milling process to make their stoneground wholemeal flour, the milling buildings and it's history.

 Using local grain, Martry Mill grinds stoneground wholemeal flour for delivery to local supermarkets and bakeries, which has many health benefits over standard flour. Restoration work was recently carried out to restore the millwheel and internal machinery to their original state; this included the iconic waterwheel.

Since the completion of the restoration work, Martry Mill has been open for tours and talks. Martry Mill is rich in history, as it has survived through famines, wars and recessions. James has worked in Martry Mill his entire life and is an expert in mill history and flour production. He loves any opportunity to talk about the mill's history, anecdotes from growing up there and how Martry Mill is part of the local community.

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