Coole Swan

Whiskey/Chocolate/Cream, the taste of Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur. Crafted using the very best, all natural ingredients.

[Coole Swan]

Coole Swan is made with heart. It is made with character, warmth, authenticity and resilience. It is an exquisite mix of full single-malt Irish whiskey, real white Belgian chocolate and fresh dairy cream.
It hails from the rich pasture land of Co. Meath, where Mary Sadlier and Philip Brady’s family business is run from a converted barn on their fourth-generation family farm. For Coole Swan, heart means meticulously sourcing and testing the very finest whiskey and delectable chocolate, and mixing it with fresh dairy cream from the family farm. The name Coole Swan was inspired by The Wild Swans at Coole, a poem written by one of Ireland’s great romantic poets; W.B. Yeats. Coole Swan is a simple and sublime pleasure. It has a natural place at occasions with friends and family, and as a well-deserved reward in moments of luxurious reflection at the end of a long day. Coole Swan is stocked in SuperValu nationwide.
Business Details
Otter Island,
Co. Meath.