Boann Distillery

Crafted in the Boyne Valley, Boann Distillery is a family owned distillery. Produces top quality Irish potstill and malt whiskeys.

[Boann Distillery]

Boann Distillery is a family owned state-of-the-art distillery, producing a range of triple distilled Irish single malt and Irish pot still whiskey, from three handmade bespoke copper pot stills. The handmade traditional copper pot stills have patented inbuilt nanotechnology, that exposes the spirit to 6 times more copper surface during the distillation process, than in a purely traditional still .

         By combining technology with tradition, the plan is to produce a spirit of exceptional quality and purity.

All Ingredients are 100% natural, 100% Irish. Boyne Valley Spring Water is drawn from deep below the Distillery. A “grain to glass” approach is taken where milling through to maturation, all parts of the whiskey making process are crafted within the Boann Distillery, ensuring the production of a whiskey of great character, with a unique provenance and a real sense of place.


 Business Details
Platin Rd.,
Co. Louth.