World Gin Day survey reveals half of people want to know gin's origin before buying

World Gin Day survey reveals half of people want to know gin's origin before buying


As the world comes together to celebrate World Gin Day on June 10, new research from Silks Gin has shed light on the preferences and habits of gin drinkers.

Participants in the online survey revealed that they are not just interested in the taste but also value the origins of this juniper-infused spirit. 

An impressive 49% of respondents emphasised the importance of knowing where their gin comes from when making a purchase decision, with participants appreciating the craftsmanship and story behind the spirit. 

When it comes to enjoying gin, the survey also revealed some interesting habits. 

More than one in three participants (36%) indulge in the beloved elixir on a weekly basis, with one in five (19%) relishing it a couple of times a week. Meanwhile, 41% enjoy it occasionally, savouring its unique flavours and characteristics whenever the mood strikes.

As for the preferred way to enjoy gin, the classic combination of gin and tonic takes the crown with a resounding majority. 68% of respondents preferred the timeless allure of a refreshing G & T. 14% of participants expressed a preference for gin in a cocktail, while 12% enjoyed it neat over ice, showcasing the versatility and enjoyment of gin in various forms.

When it comes to garnishing their gin, a zesty lime wheel proved to be the most favoured garnish, chosen by 34% of respondents. Close behind is a slice of orange, adding a citrusy twist for 19%, and cucumber, adding a refreshing touch for 12% of gin enthusiasts.

When asked to reveal their favourite gin-based cocktails, the classic Gin and Tonic again emerged as the undisputed champion, capturing a substantial 70% of the vote. This was followed by the timeless elegance of a Martini, preferred by 8% of respondents, while a Collins and Bramble secured 7% and 5% of the votes respectively. 

“As World Gin Day approaches on June 10th, our survey helps uncover the wide array of gin-based serves and concoctions enjoyed by people across Ireland as well as the discerning nature of people who value the story behind their drink,” said Sally-Anne Cooney, co-founder of Silks Gin.

“World Gin Day is a great excuse to raise our glasses to celebrate this delightful spirit and toast the artistry, history, and delightful flavours of gin. Whether you prefer a classic G &T or a creative cocktail masterpiece, we are excited to come together to revel in the joy that only this juniper-infused elixir can bring.”

Silks Gin is a floral contemporary spirit distilled by hand in small batches. Recent winner of the Best Irish Gin award, it comes from the family-owned Boann distillery in Meath, which is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to producing world-class spirits

Silks Gin’s signature botanicals are hand foraged from the Cooney family apple orchards including apple blossom from the trees, honey from the bees and elderflower and hawthorn blossom from the hedgerows.

For the perfect serve, enjoy Silks Gin in a classic G & T served with a slice of red apple to garnish. 

Silks Gin is available for purchase online from the Boann Distillery website for €42.95 for 700ml. For a limited time a free pack of wildflower seeds will come with every purchase of Silks Gin ordered for delivery in Ireland.

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