The Local Advantage: Reasons to choose restaurants with local produce on the menu

The Local Advantage: Reasons to choose restaurants with local produce on the menu
The Boyne Valley is home to many fantastic eateries, from fine dining to more casual experiences and everything in between. All our members pledge to use local produce wherever possible across their menus and we know that when a restaurant or café supports their local producers it brings a whole host of benefits that you probably wouldn't event think about, but really make a difference to so many. 
An obvious one is that the produce will be super fresh as it will have come straight from the farm to the table without a long journey and this means not only does it taste much better but it's all much more nutritious. 
When eateries use local produce on their menu it give guests the opportunity to really taste the place on a plate - you get to experience the flavours of the region you are in.
What goes around comes around and when eateries use local produce this helps circulate money within the community by supporting local farmers and suppliers. This economic support helps sustain small businesses, many of which are family run and community based, and can contribute to creating local jobs. Additionally, it helps create a sense of community and connectedness, as restaurants and local producers often develop mutually beneficial partnerships.
Finally, by buying locally restaurants help minimise their environmental impact, and if small producers are being supported by their local eateries this in turn can mean less large-scale agriculture. 

This is only a few of the many benefits that result in restaurants supporting their local producers so the next time you eat out have a look at them menu and see if you can spot any local produce on it!
All our members support their local producers so if you want to experience a place on a plate experience in the Boyne Valley this summer check them all out over here and enjoy! 
Also make sure to watch out for Boyne Valley Bites on menus across the Boyne Valley- delicious dishes created using produce from the Boyne Valley!