Success for Boyne Valley Flavour's Producers at Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards

Success for Boyne Valley Flavour's Producers at Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards

The Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards recognize and celebrate the best in retail, wholesale and foodservice food and drink products available in Ireland. 

We were delighted to see our members Meade Farm and Drummond House Garlic win several awards at this years ceremony.

Congratulations to all the teams at Meade Farm and Drummond House Garlic!

Meade Farm were successful in the following categories-

Meal Accompaniments

Meade Fresh Skinny Chips Using only specially selected premium chipping potato varieties, these skinny chips take care of the prep, but leave the seasoning and cooking style options up to the consumer. Judges praised the “good crisp outer, good potato, good packaging,” and remarked on the “great balance between crunchy and soft”. They also were impressed with Meade’s commitment to producing the premium quality produce with sustainability at their core.

Foodservice Product of the Year

Meade Farm’s Potato Starch is Ireland’s only home-grown food grade potato starch. With a sustainable model, it is made from the out of spec and surplus potatoes that will otherwise go to waste. The judges were very impressed with the versatility of the product, citing the “Great provenance and innovation” and a “great gluten free alternative”. The starch has multiple uses, including higher viscosity when thickening/binding sauces, gravies, and soups, as well as for gluten free flour. The panel were impressed with the texture it provided and said they would like to see it as a retail product as well. Very well done to Meade Farms.

Fresh Produce

Silver Vegetables Unprepared Meade Farm 2kg White Potatoes in a 100% Compostable Bag.

Drummond House Garlic were successful in-

Small Produce Award

Drummond House Irish Garlic Scape Sauce and Dip is a unique innovation and the very first of its kind on the Irish retail market. Made with garlic scapes and all natural ingredients, the panel felt the product had huge potential. They loved the passion and enthusiasm of the family, as well as the versatility of the product which they felt had multiple uses. The fresh young garlic aroma was an instant hit with the judges, who also loved the short, clean list of ingredients. The provenance of the product is excellent, and one judge said “After first you would be a frequent purchaser”. Well done indeed to Drummond House.

Condiments Gold

Drummond House Irish Garlic Scape Sauce & Dip Truly unique, and the perfect addition to any tapas or charcuterie board, the garlic scapes give this innovative accompaniment a fresh, young garlic base, rounded-off with lemon and mild chilli flavours. A “deluxe product” made from all-natural ingredients, with a 100% Irish provenance, the sauce and dip comes well presented in a charming jar.