A Vision - The Centre of Food Culture, Boyne Valley

Ireland has enjoyed a food and cultural revolution in the past 25 years. Our food producers, farmers and chefs have elevated our food culture so that it is now a cornerstone of our intangible and tangible cultural heritage, recognised as one of the world’s new and emerging food destinations.

In the last decade the food producers, chefs and businesses in the Boyne Valley straddling counties Louth and Meath have worked collaboratively to bring awareness to the rich food heritage of the Boyne Valley for consumers, tourist
and food professionals alike. Through the establishment of a strong network, Boyne Valley Flavours we have created a unique calendar of events that celebrates our land, our sea, our
heritage, our people and our produce. The creation of the Boyne Valley Food Strategy 2016, has resulted in our region winning many international accolades including being recognized as one of the Worlds Best Food destinations.
We believe preserving and celebrating our food culture, past, present and future, will enhance people’s relationship with food, connect them to the source of their food and the people who produce it. When we speak about food we also include our rich heritage in brewing, distilling and drink production.
Our purpose is to facilitate greater connectivity between food, people, soil and sea. We plan to do this by creating the first national Centre of Food Culture, based in the Boyne Valley. We will leverage our connections nationally to create satellite locations and build international partnerships over time.
This centre will facilitate education, discussion, enterprise and advocacy of our food culture for current and future generations. We will strengthen the connections between all stakeholders be they consumers, food producers, food professionals, state agencies, communities, academic institutions locally,
nationally and internationally. We hope you will become part of the journey so we can together achieve our

This project is supported by Meath & Louth County Council