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Food and Drink

At Bank of Ireland, we understand the needs of the food and drink sector. Along with our wide range of products and services, we have developed a specialist team to support our Relationship Managers.

What we offer

The Food & Drink Sector is a strategically important industry for the Irish economy. It generates significant export value (€13Bn. in 2019) and is particularly important in helping to achieve a balanced split of regional development. It also has a significant multiplier affect with over 71% of materials sourced domestically. As part of the overall Agrifood Sector it employs almost 8% of the working population.

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Food and Drink

The food and drinks industry is one of Ireland’s largest industries and it includes almost 700 food and drinks firms throughout the country that export food and drink to 180 countries worldwide.

The finance behind the food

Irish food is on the world's menu. As consumer demand for different food and drink options grow, so do the opportunities to set up, grow and expand your business.

Ireland is well positioned to grow our yearly food and drink exports to €19 billion by 2025.

We're here to support the growth and development of your business.

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