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The Cross Guns Story

Dating back to 1700's Ireland the building that is now The Cross Guns held a prominant positions at the region's main road junction. The building's use changed from that of a Mounting House, where horse men mounted or dismounted and horses needs were cared for, to its current use as a place of hospitality following the 1798 rebellion.

When the illfated Wexford Rebellion of 1798 had run its course, the badly defeated Croppies retreated to County Meath, losing many lives on the journey through militia controlled areas. Once they reached this area a final stand was taken at the local Battle of Knightstown, during which over 400 Irish Croppies were slain. Those who survied took refuge in the fields, ditches and farm buildings that surrounded this area. The gunshots and bloodshed that dominated the following weeks around this crossroads, as men, women and children were executed on sight, are what gave The Cross Guns its name. 

Our Team & Goals

Led by owner, Dermot McDonnell our ambition is a simple one - to exceed the expectations that every customer has about the 'humble'Gastropub. This is done in a comfortable and history filled environment, where catering to our customers physical and sensory needs is central for us. 

By working with local Boyne Valley producers and suppliers of quality raw ingredients, and employing local faces to deliver the friendliest service, Dermot ensures that his customers come back again and again. 

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