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As a family business based in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, we, at Farm Tours Ireland, are passionate about showcasing the excellence of food production and farming within the Boyne Valley region. We are an agri-tourism operator, arranging group tours to food producers within the Boyne Valley. On these tours, guests get to meet the producers, hear the story of their product and production, tour the premises, and of course, sample the goods! Guests will visit three food producers, enjoy a Boyne Valley lunch menu, all from the comfort of a bus and under the guidance of one of our expert guides. Guests will leave with an appreciation of why these food producers, their products and their flavours are intrinsically linked to the Boyne Valley, along with an understanding of the history of the region. We also craft itineraries for ad-hoc groups looking for multi-day packages across the Boyne Valley and the rest of Ireland, arranging access to the best farms, food producers and agri-businesses, as well as organizing transport, accommodation, meals, and visits to the top tourist attractions if required.

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