The Red Chapel Sunday Ticket // Sunday 5th November 2023

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    Venue: The Red Chapel (A82 D2K0)
    Price: €20

    This ticket gives includes the four Cookery Demos taking place in The Red Chapel on Sunday 5th November.

    Individually they are €10 each but this ticket allows you access to all 4 events for €20.

    1pm From Root to Tip with Conor Spacey

    Join chef Conor Spacey for a cookery demo where he will showcase recipes from his new book Blasta Book #7 Wasted.

    Wasted is a capsule collection of recipes that have come from identifying some of the most wasted food items in our homes. This book will help you to stop wasting food and turn perfectly good ingredients into delicious dishes. And the key word here is delicious. The book's ulterior motive may be to get us to think differently about ingredients and waste, but the driver for all these plant-based recipes is flavour. Wasted will change your mindset and reconnect you to real food, from the root to the tip."

    2pm  Butter Boy - Collected Stories & Recipes with Paul Flynn

    Join Paul Flynn, chef and owner of The Tannery Restaurant, Townhouse and Cookery School, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford for a cookery demo with tastings featuring recipes from his new book Butter Boy.

    Butter Boy is the complete collection of all 152 articles and over 450 recipes from Paul Flynn’s tenure as food writer for the Irish Times from November 2019 to October 2022. Paul's columns also chronicled what turned out to be the three most unusual and challenging years of our lives, when cooking and mealtimes took on new meaning.

    Paul's food is simple, seasonal and family-oriented. It's designed to give comfort at any time of year because after a hard day, cooking dinner can be soothing and eating it can be comforting. Afterwards, the world feels just that little bit better.

    Warm, witty and laugh-out-loud funny, reading and cooking from Butter Boy is like spending time in the kitchen with an old friend.

    3pm Paradiso- Reflections and Recipes with Denis Cotter

    Join Denis Cotter for a cookery demo with tastings featuring recipes from his new book Paradiso.

    When Denis Cotter opened Paradiso in Cork City in 1993, he wanted to create an exciting, modern, vegetable-based cuisine. The restaurant soon gained local and international recognition for its ground-breaking, flavour-driven food, and its dedication to local and seasonal produce was ahead of its time.

    Paradiso continued to evolve over the decades, becoming a much-loved part of Cork’s food culture and remaining at the forefront of creative vegetable cooking. Along the way, a unique cuisine came into being, a style of cooking that grew into something that remains identifiably Paradiso.

    This new book captures the essence of Paradiso now, with just a nod to the past and an eye on the future. It is a collection of new and evolved recipes, presented in a way that reflects how the dishes are prepared and served in the restaurant. And there is a comprehensive section that will teach you how to make the core elements that are the building blocks of the kitchen, the things that deliver concentrated flavours and textures. With these building blocks, you will be able to bring a touch of Paradiso to everything you cook.

    4pm Richie Castillo & Alex O’Neill; Masarap, an exploration of Filipino food through an Irish cultural lens.

    Join Richi and Alex for a cookery demo with tastings featuring recipes from their  new book Blasta Books #8: Masarap.

    Richie Castillo is the chef behind Bahay, a Filipino pop-up restaurant that he started and runs with his partner, Alex O'Neill. Richie and Alex named Bahay after the Tagalog word for home while the title of this, their first book – Masarap – means tasty in Tagalog, the Filipino language. It's a nod to Bahay’s Irish-Filipino background, seeing as how blasta means tasty in Irish.

    For Richie, this book was a catalyst for exploring and connecting with his Filipino heritage. You’ll find classic dishes such as adobo, a range of exciting Filipino dishes and playful recipes with Filipino flavours that highlight his experience growing up eating Filipino food with Irish ingredients. Masarap is the exploration of Filipino food through an Irish cultural lens and a way to introduce more people to the food of the Philippines.


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