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The company harvests a mineral sea salt with a taste profile that is full of intensity and depth. 100% Irish Natural Sea Salt that is harvested through a sealed system to retain the taste and depth of flavour while also retaining all the other minerals making it a healthier option with less sodium.

 The perfect ingredient Sea Salt. Fine powder like grain dissolves and disperses 80% faster, is perfect for chefs and food producers and its non-oxidised intensity means it lifts the flavour of your food. They have a Natural, Kiln Dried and Teeling Whiskey Smoked available.

 Located in Port Oriel, Clogherhead, County Louth and founded by John Delany & Brian Fitzpatrick, Oriel is a multi-award winning company with product credentials including, PDO, Organic Trust, Origin Green, Kosher, Good Food Irl, European Community of Chefs. They are the only company in Europe to hold two EU Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO) for their Mineral Sea Salt and Deep Ocean Magnesium.

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