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Made in Co. Louth by Sophie van Dijk with just one ingredient: Irish butter. A labour of love, it takes 24 hours to get from butter to gorgeous ghee. Butter is melted, clarified, slow-cooked then filtered, leaving behind pure golden fat: ghee, which is then set overnight on traditional cooling racks.

With its deeply buttery, almost butter-scotch-like taste, dollop ghee has been described by chefs as ‘dangerously delicious’ and ‘like crack’! Apart from its undeniably moreish flavour, people love cooking with ghee because is has an exceptionally high smoke point: 2520c (coconut oil’s smoke point is 2320c, extra virgin olive oil 1910c, and butter 1770c) Once a fat reaches its smoke point, it will begin to smoke and break down. Oil broken down in this way has been shown to have negative impact on the cells in your body. Ghee made from quality, grass-fed butter is also packed with vitamins and is said to nourish the gut: reducing inflammation and aiding digestion.

Ghee is a very versatile fat & is a great alternative to olive oil, butter or coconut oil when frying or roasting. A dollop of ghee is also delicious spread on toast or stirred through a warm bowl of porridge. Ghee is an ambient/ unrefrigerated fat and is best stored in a cool, dark place like a cupboard even after it’s been opened.

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