From Root to Tip with Conor Spacey // Sunday 5th November 2023, // 1pm - 2pm

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    Venue: The Red Chapel
    Tickets: €10 

     Join chef Conor Spacey for a cookery demo, with tastings, where he will showcase recipes from his new book Blasta Book #7 Wasted.

    Wasted is a capsule collection of recipes that have come from identifying some of the most wasted food items in our homes. This book will help you to stop wasting food and turn perfectly good ingredients into delicious dishes. And the key word here is delicious. The book's ulterior motive may be to get us to think differently about ingredients and waste, but the driver for all these plant-based recipes is flavour. Wasted will change your mindset and reconnect you to real food, from the root to the tip."

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    Boyne Valley Flavours