Discover Boyne Valley Flavours

What is Discover Boyne Valley Flavours?

As the Boyne Valley Food Series and the Boyne Valley Producer Network have ‘mushroomed’ over time, the time had arrived to put strategic measures in place to ensure that both of these initiatives along with ‘Place on a Plate’ forage away together under the one ‘cap’ of Discover Boyne Valley Flavours.

With the generous joint support of both Meath and Louth Co. Councils, their respective LEOs and a dedicated Food Development Officer, our aim for 2019 and into the future is to ensure, through a collaborative effort, the promotion of local food, drink, and ‘food/drink tourism’ activities across our region under the one recognisable Discover Boyne Valley Flavours brand.

Join us, and become part of a successful regional food family, where friendships are forged, new ideas are ‘spawned’, business advice & inspiration is shared with like-minded people.

As Discover Boyne Valley Flavours members we are committed to helping build strong partnerships, engagement and collaboration across the this year and beyond as we.

Be part of bringing the Boyne Valley Region to the fore in Ireland and beyond, for its food & drinks, of helping build a strong stakeholder community and of having Discover Boyne Valley Flavours on the tip of everyone’s tongue!!!

There are many other benefits in becoming a member which are outlined on the right hand side of this document. If you are interested in activating your Discover Boyne Valley Flavours membership please read the Members Charter Application form, on the back, and the guidelines for setting up.

If you have any questions regarding Discover Boyne Valley Flavours please email Siobhan at

Membership Benefits

Digital Marketing

  • Featured page on our new website –
  • Featured posts on Discover Boyne Valley Flavours social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Listing of all Discover Boyne Valley Flavours members in the 2019 Boyne Valley Food Series brochure distributed in print and digital format at local and national level.
  • Opportunity to promote your business and products though an Instastory takeover (temporarily share content through DBVF Instagram account), Twitter Chats (public Twitter conversation around  one  unique  hashtag  #boynevalleyflavours)  and competitions.
  • Members who host Boyne Valley Food Series Events will benefit from targeted online advertising campaigns.


  • Benefit  from  coverage  generated  by  regular  press  releases featuring events, products, producers and award wins to local, regional and national press.
  • Opportunity to feature in pitches and media drops to TV, radio and press on specific topics with a view to getting coverage for local products, producers and events.
  • Expectation for the regional foodservice sector to showcase local produce on menu’s and in retail. A separate Members Charter is in place to encourage this culture of food provenance amongst food service providers locally.
  • Regular food network events that seek to connect you with other  members  of  our  network,  encourage  new  business opportunities and learn from industry experts. These specific, themed events will continue to be charged on a pay as you go basis.
  • Opportunity to attend organised familiarisation (FAM) trips.

Membership Eligibility

Eligibility for membership is on the basis that all food and drink must be produced in the Boyne Valley Region (counties Meath and Louth). It cannot be an imported product or one sourced from a distributor. The quality and provenance of produce is central to maintaining a high standard of expectation as a food and craft drinks destination. Find below examples of ineligible members:

  • A producer imports chicken from the Far East, in an industrial unit they repack these pieces having sprinkled them with herbs. They apply for membership of Discover Boyne Valley Flavours and use the logo as a large part of their packaging and marketing.
  • A well-meaning but inexperienced farmer starts to produce a dairy product from their herd. They sell this product at a local Boyne Valley Food Series Event. They didn’t apply for registration with the EHO or Dept of Agriculture.

Section A - Digital

1. Discover Boyne Valley Flavours Logo

Attached is the new Discover Boyne Valley Flavours Logo which we encourage you to integrate onto your website and a link to, on social media and all printed promotional material. Where possible, add the Boyne Valley Food Series brochure to your website in a PDF version.

2. Discover Boyne Valley Flavours Website is the primary website. Please provide your business details, description and high res imagery for inclusion the following details for inclusion on this listing and send to

3. Social Media

Discover Boyne Valley Flavours social media presence is as follows:

  • Facebook - Like “boynevalleyflavours”
  • Twitter - Follow “@BoyneValleyFlav”
  • Instagram - Follow “boynevalleyflavours”
  • YouTube – Subscribe to “Boyne Valley Flavours” Channel.

Please use the hashtag - “#boynevalleyflavours” on ALL social media. Members will be invited to partake in Instagram Takeovers of these accounts and contribute to Twitter Chats.

4. Photography

We are working to develop a library of images for use across publications to promote our food and crafts drinks sector. In providing these images for use by Discover Boyne Valley Flavours, you agree and grant permission of these for use in publications both online and in print. Please send high resolution photography to:

Section B - Marketing Material

5. Discover Boyne Valley Flavours Brochures

Display a full selection of Discover Boyne Valley Flavours materials including the Boyne Valley Food Series brochures in your premises. If you are having tour groups visiting, please advise us and we can provide you with Discover Boyne Valley Flavours promotional packs. Where possible, add the Boyne Valley Food Series brochure to your website in a PDF version.

6. Discover Boyne Valley Flavours - Showcases

All members must agree to partake in collaborative/group stands at local, regional (Boyne Valley Food Series events) and national shows, where possible, and actively promote the region.

7. Boyne Valley Food Network Events

We strongly encourage all of our members to interact and cross promote each other. Please keep an eye out for events run under the Boyne Valley Food Network which address the specific needs and interest of our members. These events are updated regularly and available for registration online: Meath/Training-Events/Online-Bookings

8. Membership Fee’s

  • Food / Drink Producer with 5 or less employees €50
  • Food / Drink Producer with 6 and more employees €100
  • Service Provider with 10 or less employees €100
  • Service Provider with 10- 20 employees €150
  • Service Provider more than 20 employees €200

Payment of membership fee can be made via our website by clicking the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION link or by bank transfer:


Acc Number: 83033739

IBAN: IE46 BOFI 9034 4583 0337 39 IBIC: BOFIIE2D Please reference your business name in the narrative.

Applications will be assessed by the Food Strategy Steering Committee before a decision on membership is granted. Please do not make payments until you receive confirmation of membership. In order for our collaborative efforts as a Food Destination to remain successful and sustainable, those who are deemed as not conforming to the  agreed charter will be reviewed and a decision on their future membership taken by the Steering Committee.

When applying online, once you click 'Agree', you agree to all the credentials listed above and to further correspondence relating to initiatives under the Discover Boyne Valley Flavours brand via email or e-newsletter.

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