Scullery N°4

Scullery N°4
Scullery N°4

With locally sourced, fresh food for the vibrant community of Kells. Co. Meath, Scullery N°4 always keeps the community at heart. Relax with our freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy yourself in all the comfort we have to offer. Always bringing the best quality to our community. 

Nestled in the comforting community of Kells, Scullery N°4's flame burns bright by the warm glow of our backyard BBQ and Pizza oven. Get together and enjoy yourselves in the easing atmosphere once again.

Events and Catering

For large or small gatherings, Scullery N°4 is the perfect place for everyone to meet. Rain or shine, we are here to meet your needs. We offer both indoor and outdoor catering services for events. From Communions, confirmations etc. Scullery N°4 is your place to make those memories the best that they can be. 

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