Tullyard Farm

At Tullyard Farm we bring the goodness of 100% Irish farmed produce direct to our customers. We aim to provide quality, value, consistency and excellent customer service.

[Tullyard Farm]

At Tullyard Farm, in Trim, Co. Meath, their goal from day one was to produce meat products that reflected the passion that farmer’s across Ireland have in the way they rear their livestock, everyday. They did not want to compromise on the great meat that this country has to offer, so when they decided to concentrate on producing better bacon, they made sure they would only cure the finest quality Irish pork.
Their hand salting, dry cure method has produced rashers with a particular flavour profile. This passion was reflected when they were awarded Gold in 2015 at the Irish Food Awards ( Blas na hÉireann ). All the hard work and passion that if they stuck to beliefs, this would filter down to customers. Today both their rashers products can be found in selected Supervalu Stores and other good food stores across Leinster.
It was great to be part of Supervalu’s Food Academy program as it brought their products into many people’s homes. Another firm favourite is their Dry Cure Streaky rashers. Adored by chef’s working in some of Leinster’s top deli’s, cafes and restaurants, they bring a whole new depth of flavor to a range of dishes.
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