The Wooded Pig

The Wooded Pig, producers of ethically raised Charcuterie, farmed, produced and cured in the right fashion.

[The Wooded Pig]

Ethically raised charcuterie, from the beautiful surroundings of Tara, Co. Meath. The Wooded Pig farm seems almost untouched by time. A tranquil delight, in keeping with the wonderful history of its ancient surroundings.

For over 25 years, the Herdsman’s Cottage of Corbalton has been the home of the Eoin Bird and his family. Today, they share their Eden with a drift of free range pigs. The pigs roam and forage the farm’s 20-year-old plantation before being processed on-site, into a range of quality, ethically raised Irish charcuterie. The animals’ unique habitat, coupled with the in-house production gives these air-dried meats a truly unique flavour. The process, from start to finish ensures that The Wood Pig's charcuterie is truly unique. A taste and story like no other.


 Be sure to get in touch for market dates, recipes and anything else we can help with, despite being located just a few miles from modern towns and motorways.

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Co. Meath.