Producers: Kells

One River, Two Counties

The Boyne Valley is home to a host of talented and passionate food and drinks producers. Many using the fertile lands surrounding the River Boyne to grow, rear and create their produce. Explore this page and learn more about our fantastic producers many of which have products available on our online market.

  1. Carlingford
  2. Dundalk
  3. Annagassan
  4. Ardee
  5. Drogheda
  6. Slane
  7. Kells
  8. Navan
  9. Trim



Hogan's Farm & Shop

Hogan's Farm & Shop. A 2nd generation family owned & operated turkey farm, based in Cortown, Kells, Co. Meath.

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Hogan’s Farm, “The Fresh Turkey Specialists” brother’s Fintan & Paul Hogan are 2nd generation turkey farmers.

Kerrigan's Mushrooms

Kerrigan's Mushrooms, established in 1981 as producers of quality mushrooms, and still remains a family run enterprise today.

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At Kerrigans family farm, we’re big on mushrooms. 

Maperath Farm

Maperath Farm, a small farm outside Kells, Co. Meath, committed to full free range happy animals, locally sourced natural feeds. Turkey & Geese farmer.

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A small farm just outside Kells, Co.Meath, committed to full free range happy animals.

Martry Mill

Martry Mill is a family-run watermill on the River Blackwater. It has been operated by the Tallon family since 1859. Producers of Stoneground Wholemeal Flour.

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Martry Mill is one of the few, fully functional watermills left in the country producing premium stoneground wholemeal flour.

Sheridan's Cheesemongers

We're all about cheese (of course), but also wines, cured meats, olives and lots of other delicious handmade foods.

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Sheridan's Cheesemongers was founded in 1995, when Seamus and Kevin started selling Irish farmhouse cheeses at the Galway market. 

The Farmer's Daughter

The Farmer's Daughter, a Meath Farmer's daughter, producer of 100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives & also gluten free burgers, mince and meatballs.

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The Farmer's Daughter produces a range of gluten free, no additives or preservatives products.

Roll It

Roll It

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Roll It pastry is ready-made and ready to cook all-butter pastry, that can be used in Sweet & Savoury Pies, Tarts, Tartlets, Patisserie & Puddings.