Slane Distillery

Nestled deep within the idyllic Boyne Valley on the legendary grounds of Slane Castle, Slane Distillery brings you whiskey that bears our village’s iconic name.

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A Smooth Spirit
Slane Irish Whiskey is a smooth spirit of natural character, with untamed notes of oak and spice, from a signature triple casked blend. 
From the Conyngham family of Slane Castle, in Co. Meath, the barrel-raising art of Brown-Forman, and the proud people of Slane Village, this is a whiskey for those living the stories that will be told for generations to come.
Smooth, complex and robust. Slane Irish Whiskey marries toasted grain and malt whiskeys, with the distinctive flavours of each cask.
Smooth with notes of oak and spice, each sip represents a journey through the wild countryside and the chance to uncover the subtle layers of the whiskey’s complex character.
At one time, several distilleries found the fertile soil and pure water of the Boyne Valley perfect for making whiskey. But over time, the distilleries shut down and the proud whiskey tradition of the Boyne Valley was all but lost.
With the vision and historic, untamed lands of Slane’s Family Conyngham and the 147-year-old whiskey-making mastery of Kentucky’s Family Brown, we’ve brought exceptional whiskey back to the Boyne Valley for generations to come.
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