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Meade Potato Company, from farm to fork, the Meade family grows, packs and distributes premium fresh and prepared fruit and veg to retailers and foodservice customers nationwide.

[Meade Farm]

Philip Meade Sr. began selling his Queen potatoes to local shops in the northeast of Ireland in the mid-1970s, and by 1982, Meade Farm was officially incorporated. Nestled in the heart of the Boyne Valley, the family farm thrived, enjoying the benefits of the rich, fertile soil and a convenient location in Lobinstown, County Meath.
Meade’s passion for potatoes eventually extended to Irish vegetables and fruit and we now have been growing, packing and distributing premium quality potatoes, fruit, vegetables, salads and organics to retailers across Ireland for over 35 years. While the Meade family specialise in growing potatoes and carrots, we work with a team of growers who are as passionate about produce as we are. With a commitment to sustainability ingrained in the family DNA, we are dedicated to responsible farming and innovation in production methods and new products. With many awards for sustainability as testament to our efforts, we are proud to be a zero food waste farm.
This has been achieved through efficient channeling of all produce to the right market – premium produce and prepared food ranges for retailers/food service/catering, community food banks or, for out of spec produce, stock feed for local farmers. The beef cattle at our farm love the potato peelings from our prepared food range. We have even added a starch extractor for the peelings, so absolutely none of the potato goes to waste! With the next generation at the helm, the Meades look forward to providing healthy, sustainable produce for Irish consumers for decades to come.
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