Jackdaw Farm

Jackdaw Farm, a no-spray, no-dig, small-scale, market garden, growing vegetables, herbs & fruits.

[Jackdaw Farm]

Jackdaw Farm was founded by Kat & Danny O’Hanlon in 2018. It is a 2 acre, no-spray, no-dig, honest, amazing, radical, fantastic, market garden located in Drumone, Co. Meath. Jackdaw Farm was started after Katherine spent 10 years working on organic farms throughout the US and Ireland. 


Katherine is originally from Upstate New York and has worked on farms all across the USA & Ireland. She is the farmer, getting her hands dirty and making the farm as efficient and beautiful as possible.. Danny is originally from Dundalk, Co. Louth. He currently works off farm, but helps out with any jobs that allow him to wear headphones. He is their website, recipe blog and slug removal expert. They grow lots of leafy greens, herbs, assorted vegetables and fruits.

Watch out for them at markets across the Boyne Valley. 


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Co. Meath.