Hugh Maguire's Butchers/The Smokin' Butcher

Hugh Maguire's Butchers, AKA The Smokin' Butcher. An Award winning butcher. His butcher's shop is located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, along with a smokehouse, located in Navan, Co. Meath.

[Hugh Maguire's Butchers/The Smokin' Butcher]

Known throughout Ireland as a leading member of the craft butcher fraternity, Hugh has won numerous awards for his sausages, dry cured rashers and black & white puddings over the years. Simply put, Hugh has a love and passion for really good food. He has the greatest respect for Ireland's breadbasket of raw, basic ingredients.

Knowledge of food is ingrained in Hugh from his family farm upbringing. Combining this with his years of travels around Europe, picking up trends particularly from Spain, Italy and France, has led to his various award winning food creations. Hugh has a unique talent for balancing old traditions with new, innovative and exciting trends. Hugh's innovative smoked black pudding creation led to his ultimate victory and success in this 2017's Great Taste Awards. Out of 12,500 products, between the UK and Ireland, Hugh was crowned Supreme Champion, as well as being presented with a Golden Fork Award for his "genius” smoked black pudding product. This widely recognized and prestigious award has created a lot of excitement for Hugh's new and growing sub-brand, "The Smokin' Butcher" and it's various smoked products.

The Smokin' Butcher products are smoked in Hugh's own smoke house in Navan, Co.Meath and sold over the counter in his Craft Butcher Shop in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. In 2018, The Smokin' Butcher was again nominated for a Golden Fork Award with his Sweet Dry Cured Smoked Collar Bacon, "A stunning sweetly smokey piece of pork, sweet and moist, reminiscent of an old fashioned ham, the beech wood smoke recognisable but delicate enough not to overpower the meat." that received 3 gold stars, alongside other four products that received 1 and 2 stars. Over all, Hugh has always been passionate about quality and sees the current mad rush for value as a real pity in the food realm, because he believes quality will suffer in the race for value. Despite all of this, Hugh remains consistent to his mission, which is to provide fair value, but good quality always comes first.

Join Hugh to celebrate National Black Pudding Day on 3rd November!

Our pudding is available in our retail store in Ashbourne, SuperValu, Johnstown, Nolan’s, Clontarf and Brady’s Butchers, Drumconrath
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3/4 Killegland St.,
Co. Meath
A84 ED85