Derrycamma Oils

Derrycamma Farm Foods, producers of Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oils

[Derrycamma Oils]

Derrycamma Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, is a healthy and tasty alternative to other cooking oils, and contains only half the saturated fat of olive oil! At Derrycamma Farm, near Castlebellingham in Co. Louth, they aim to produce food as naturally as possible.

All their crops are grown using eco-till techniques, a system of tillage farming, which avoids ploughing, in order to build up the natural nutrients in the ground, and hence minimise the requirements for artificial fertilisers. Their bee hives are the home of thousands of busy workers, that help pollinate our oilseed rape crops. They grow all their own seed, then they press and bottle it. Their product is 100% traceable, from the time they sow the seed in the field, until it reaches your table. 


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