Ariosa Coffee Roasting Company

Ariosa Coffee Roasters. Slow roasted coffee. Specialty coffees.

[Ariosa Coffee Roasting Company]

Ariosa coffee was born in 2003, as one of Ireland’s first speciality coffee roasting companies. Since then, they have built up a very loyal following, from wholesaling, working at events and markets and most recently, the opening of their first store in Drogheda.

At Ariosa, they only roast with speciality coffees, grown in ideal climates and prepared according to strict standards.


Ariosa's values are pretty simple, to bring the best single origin speciality coffees from around the world to you. They buy directly and ethically from growers, ensuring the care and passion they take in producing specially graded beans is emulated by them, through their roasting method and delivery process. They offer a complete solution for anyone interested in serving great coffee in their business, which includes machinery, training and servicing. Their coffees are roasted weekly to maximise freshness, which is one of the key ingredients to great coffee.
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1 St. Laurence St.,
Co. Louth,
A92 T85K