Have A Delicious Pancake Tuesday!

Have A Delicious Pancake Tuesday!
Always one of the yummiest days of the year and this year we are definitely all in need of something to brighten our days so we will be going all out this Pancake or Shrove Tuesday this year. Starting with pancakes for breakfast then lunch then dinner & maybe for dessert also! We have collected a few recipes & pancake packages from our members which you can check out below and we really hope you have a delicious Pancake Tuesday! 
Martry Mill Wholemeal Pancakes
Newgrange Gold Camelina Pancakes
Finnegan's Farm Potato Pancakes
Headfort Arms Hotel
The team at Headfort have created a delicious ‘Pancake Kit’ which includes-
- 6 Freshly made Pancakes
- 4 Toppings
- Whipped Cream
- Fudge nuggets
- Chocolate Fondue
- Mini Mallows
And.....Fresh Strawberries!
€12.00 per Box
Boxed to Order, so you can enjoy Pancake Tuesday without any flippin’ stress!
JM Food Services
JM Food Services have a yummy Fluffy Pancake Kit which is fresh, delicious and ready to go!
Pre-order and pick up before close of business on
16th February @ 5pm.
046 9051800 / info@jmfoodservices.com
Coole Swan Pancakes

Scholars Townhouse Hotel

Get yourself some delicious pancakes from the Scholars Coffee Van from 9-3pm today

Earl's Kitchen

Earl's Kitchen will be serving delicious takeaway pancakes throughout the day!

Dan Kelly's Cider

Pancake Tuesday Dan Kelly's Style: A Tasty Apple Cider Syrup Recipe