The Story of Honey at Bee Wise

The Story of Honey at Bee Wise
The Story of Honey 

One Off Special Event

Would you like to know what it is to live like a bee within nature’s elaborate eco-system and cycle of life? The Story of Honey is the place to bee....

Hear intriguing insights like how bees do an in-hive waggle dance to inform fellow bees about where to find the best nectar.

Date:  Sunday, 28st July, 2024

Times:  11am - 2pm

Duration:  3 hours

Prices:  €7.00 Infants - Ages 5 & under

€11.00 Children - 6 to 16 

€13.00 - All other ages.

Venue:  Bee Wise, Creroge, Killmessan, Co. Meath

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View the honeybees through a large working observation hive.

See up close the inside of a honeybee hive from empty frame to one full with honey. Feel the difference in weight.

Then watch the liquid honey flow from a frame fresh from the hive in a glass extractor.

End with a tasting of diverse honeys such as spring, summer, and ivy honey

Our honey, beeswax products and homemade jams are available to purchase on the day.




Bee Wise,



Co. Meath.