Discover The Glyde Inn

Published on: 18th July 2018 @ 1:47 PM

You'll find The Glyde Inn, a family run pub and restaurant, in Annagassan, a place famous for Linn Duachaill, a Viking Longphort overlooking the Cooley and Mourne Mountains. It's a place of natural beauty with the sea, beach and mountains all surrounding it. The newly renovated Linn Duachaill restaurant has garnered praise for its fresh seasonal dishes prepared by award-winning chefs which can be enjoyed along with stunning views of Dundalk Bay and the Mountains of Mourne. Their 'Place on a Plate' dish is the very apt 'Seafood Platter' which is piled high with Terry’s Smoked Salmon, Annagassan Whole Crab Claws and Clogherhead Langoustine.

The Glyde Inn can cater for groups of up to 100 as well as couples and families. It is a perfect place to stop off as you discover the Boyne Valley. To find out more visit

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