Producer Profile: Hugh Maguire Butchers

Published on: 3rd June 2020 @ 5:01 PM

Hugh Maguire Butcher’s is an award-winning Butchers based in Ashbourne Co. Meath. Their vision is to be the place for those looking for excellence in all thing’s meat! Led by Hugh Maguire, a seasoned butcher with over 30 years’ experience, also known as “The Smokin’ Butcher” they offer an impressive selection of high-quality meat including their many award-winning products.

The business is very much a family affair with Hugh, his wife Caroline, son Hugh Junior and brother William being part of the team.

Hugh Maguire Butcher’s are dedicated and passionate about local, fresh and innovative Irish produce. Throughout the years, Hugh has built up a solid reputation nationwide in the butchery business through his creativity with pork products. From his award winning Smoked Black Puddings, European Champion Breakfast sausages to Irish Dry Aged Steaks there are simply too many awards to list out here but you can see them all here-


In 2019 at the Samhain Festival in Kells Hugh launched National Black Pudding Day along with Darina Allen, who is a huge advocate of Hugh’s products in particular his delicious Smoked Black Pudding.

Hugh Maguire’s products can be purchased in their Ashbourne Butcher shop, online at and on, in various artisan stores throughout Ireland and through La Rousse foods.

Hugh Maguire’s Butchers are proud to be a member of Boyne Valley Flavour’s, Peter Walsh part of the team at Hugh Maguires tell us that “Being a member of Boyne Valley Flavours has been great for our business. From events like launching the National Black Pudding Day, training, networking to new opportunities like the new online Boyne Valley Food Shop on”

We hope that this November we can once more celebrate National Black Pudding Day with Hugh and his team so keep an eye out for details.

 Hugh’s Homemade Burgers


When it comes to creating a convenient and cheap family meal, a simple homemade burger is a family pleaser. Burgers are great for those who are picky eaters – you can add what you like to them. Below we have a super easy homemade burger recipe, with some ingredients you might find in your home. All that’s left to buy is Irish Steak mince from your local Craft Butcher and Burger buns. All of which can be purchased for less than 10 euro!


  • steak mince (100grams -120grams is a good gauge to go by).
  • red onion
  • salt
  • pepper
  • burger buns
  • tomatoes
  • Cheese
  • lettuce or rocket leaves to serve
  • Hand made potato chips to serve)


  • Depending on how many burgers you want to make, divide the mince into separate patties. Example, if your making 5 burgers divide the mince into 5 sperate patties. However, you can weigh the mince to create 100gram -120grams burger patties. By hand – make a burger pattie.
  • Heat a large skillet and add Irish Rapeseed oil to the pan, when the pan is heated add the Burger meat and turn the heat down to medium/low heat. Make sure to keep watch, as not to burn either side.
  • After 2/3 minutes turn each burger over and repeat until the burger meat is cooked through.
  • Using a sharp knife finely chop the onions and tomatoes into slices.
  • Using a grill, place the inside of the burger buns facing the grill, cook until brown and remove.
  • Once the Burgers meat is cooked through its time to create the Burger stack – Starting with the bottom bun, place lettuce or rocket leaves, place the Burger meat, followed by grated cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, salt & pepper and then sauce.
  • Add the top bun.


You can use any sauce of your choosing, for E.g Ketchup or Mayonnaise.

However, if your feeling adventurous combine the following:  Mayonnaise (2 tbsp), ketchup (1 tbsp), American mustard (2 tsp). Mix well together and add to each burger.

We hope you enjoy and for more information on Hugh Maguire's Butchers please visit 


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