MacNamee's Tea Rooms

Published on: 30th July 2020 @ 10:43 AM

A small family business who prepare teas in the traditional artisan way.
 In 1998 MacNamee's started their business mainly focused on coffee, they supplied catering tea and a basic range of speciality tea bags. Green tea then was not something you would see on a menu regularly. However, over the years they stuck at it, supplying their customers with top quality speciality teas.
Recently the demand for speciality teas has increased and the market continues to grow. So, with their love for tea and the desire to further develop their interest in the tea world we started working on Mac Namees tea three years ago, creating a range of the best quality teas available.
Mac Namee's Tea Room & Store is a place where you can sit, relax and enjoy over 300 loose leaf teas, you can always take home your favourite blend packed here in store. They also serve excellent Italian coffee along with gourmet sandwiches, soup, pastries and light snacks. In the retail area they stock tea pots, crockery, strainers, gift sets, caddies and all you need to make the perfect cup of Mac Namee's Tea, along with coffee machines, grinders and related products. Afternoon tea is also served and is very important in MacNamee's Tea Rooms, you can be assured we will make your experience something special.
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