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Published on: 1st July 2019 @ 11:18 AM

Meath County Council in collaboration with Louth County Council and their Local Enterprise Offices launched the Boyne Valley Food Strategy on 19th October 2016. This 5 year strategy aims to position the Boyne Valley as ‘the leading national food and drinks destination. To be the stand out food region within Ireland’s Ancient East.’  A full copy of the strategy including actions is available on:

Over the past 5 years, food tourism in the Boyne Valley has grown significantly and has led to the region becoming one of the top foodie destinations in Ireland. In 2016, the region won the national award for Foodie Destination and was awarded Runner Up in 2017. The launch of the Boyne Valley Food Series in 2013 was the main driver behind this success. More details on the Boyne Valley Food Series can be found online:

Please find below a timeline of activities in the region leading up to this point. As we begin the implementation of actions and initiatives as outlined in the Food Strategy, we required an overarching new brand identity which has just been agreed:
  • 2013 Boyne Valley Food Series established (calendar of food events throughout the year).
  • Oct 2016 Boyne Valley Food Strategy 2016-2021 launched.
  • May 2017 Boyne Valley Food Development Officer recruited to drive implementation of the strategy.
  • June 2017 Boyne Valley Food Strategy Steering Committee established to support implementation of Food Strategy.
  • Sept 2017 Boyne Valley Food Network Established.
  • Jan 2018 New brand identity-Discover Boyne Valley Flavours

A new brand identity, Discover Boyne Valley Flavours, has been created to promote all food initiatives stemming from the food strategy including the Boyne Valley Food Series and Boyne Valley Food Network. We now require the provision of PR & Digital Marketing services to promote all activities through the Discover Boyne Valley Brand. The PR and marketing activities should align themselves with ‘Discover Boyne Valley Flavours’ and with Failte Irelands - Ireland’s Ancient East campaigns.


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