Celebrate National Honey Bee Day 17th August 2019

Published on: 16th August 2019 @ 4:13 PM

On Saturday 17th August National Honey Bee Day is celebrated across the globe.The event was started in 2009 by beekeepers of the United States to promote and educate the public about the bee industry and the importance of bees to the world that we live in.

 The day is not about advertising and promoting of product but a day to raise awareness of the vital importance of pollinators. Without bees we would have nothing to eat given that bees pollinate around one-third of food crops and 90 per cent of wild plants, which in turn provide food for livestock, the implications of this ecological disaster are alarming for biodiversity and the food chain.

 In our effort to take part in National Honey Bee Day to raise awareness of the importance of bees and all pollinators we take a look at some of the Bee Keepers in the Boyne Valley region.


Bee Wise


The Bee Wise garden located in Kilmessan County Meath comprises of five acres of young woodland planted with a variety of bee loving trees and a large variety of flowering and fruiting hedgerows planted to encourage a diversity of wildlife interspersed with areas of wild flowers to attract bees, butterflies and insects.

The aim of Bee Wise is to give people the chance to experience the wonder of nature close up. We demonstrate that by doing something small it can bring wildlife into your garden and make a difference to the eco-system around us.


Bee Wise aim to educate children and adults in the importance of biodiversity and to notice the wildlife all around us. The Bee Wise experience educates young and old through hands on learning in practical workshops, through nature walks and through interactive play.


Paddy and his team at Bee Wise produce many different types of honey depending on the season and texture-


  • Spring Run Honey–
  • Spring Soft Set Honey
  • Summer Run Honey
  • Summer Soft Set Honey
  • Ivy Run Honey–
  • Soft Set Ivy Honey
  • Section Honey
  • Chunk Honey


The Bee Wise Garden and Nature Trail are open for tours and host workshops and events. Please visit their website for details and contact information- https://beewise.ie/

Oldcastle Honey


Multiflora honey harvested from bees at Dromone Oldcastle, Co. Meath. The bees forage Dandelion, Hawthorn, Clover, Blackberry, Meadow sweet, Willow herb, Lime tree, Honeysuckle Heather, & Ivy. The bees are located in a valley of rolling hills in Dromone Oldcastle in a perfect natural habitat with abundant plants & flora which gives the honey a unique flavour. After harvesting and extracting from the honey comb, the raw honey contains local pollen from the area and because it is never heated the honey retains all the natural enzymes. Oldcastle Honey also produce beeswax candles using bees wax from the bees in Oldcastle and can supply hampers containing a selection of Oldcastle Honey, beeswax candles, Soap made with beeswax and honey, & bee wraps.

For more information on Oldcastle Honey visit https://boynevalleyflavours.ie/producers/killucan-honey/


Lannleire Honey


Lannleire Honey is owned by award winning honey producer Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda based in Dunleer County Louth. Eoghan has previously been awarded first prize at the London Honey Show- the most coveted prize in honey making.


Lannleire Honey is used by Chefs in some of the best restaurants throughout Ireland.


Local Bee Keepers


Robert Fitzgerald is a beekeeper living in Louth with an apiary in Meath. He is a member of Louth Beekeepers and has written about his experience in becoming a Beekeeper in his blog which is well worth a read-





Paul Boyle is a beekeeper in Tallanstown County Louth. He qualified as a Bee Master in 2013 and in November of that year he won two first prizes in the World Honey Show in London.

He went on to win three more first prizes at the competition the following year and in 2015 he was offered a position on the World Honey Show's executive council, becoming the first Irish bee keeper to sit on it.


Paul is a member of Louth Bee Keeping Association.


If you are interested in bee keeping and would like to learn more there are several organisations that can help you-



The Federation of Irish Bee Keepers



Louth Bee Keepers Association



Bee Wise



The government is also encouraging awareness and has launched a Host A Hive Initiative which aims to encourage forest owners to introduce beehives to their native woodlands and is in partnership with Woodlands of Ireland and the national beekeeping associations. It is also supported by the Native Irish Honeybee Society.

Find out more about this initiative here- https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/press/pressreleases/2019/may/title,127479,en.html

Learn how you can help the bees and make your garden more pollinator friendly here https://boynevalleyflavours.ie/blog/general-news/tips-and-tricks-to-make-your-garden-more-bee-friendly/


Boyne Valley Flavours incorporates the Boyne Valley Producers Network which aims to support and promote local producers throughout the Boyne Valley.


To learn more about what we so please visit out website our find us on social media.



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