Boyne Valley Flavours Producers Win Big in Great Taste Awards 2019

Published on: 19th August 2019 @ 11:23 AM

Boyne Valley Flavours are delighted to be able to share the news that 6 of our producers were awarded stars in the Great Taste Awards 2019. Great Taste Awards are the world’s largest food and drinks awards so we are thrilled for our members that were awarded stars. The successful producers were-


The Studio Coffee Roasters


Bosque Lya- 1 star

Cold Brew- 1 star

Capim Branco- 1 star


The Studio Coffee Roasters is situated by the sea in County Meath and is owned by Alan Phillips. Alan is a master of his trade and roasts his beans in small batches to produce the highest quality product.

He uses green beans that are ethically sourced from farms across the coffee growing belt and roasted as single origin lots on the 15kg Giesen. The Studio's sustainable approach to coffee sourcing is mirrored at the roastery which is largely powered by renewable energy.


The Smokin Butcher


Smoked 35 days dried aged Prime Hereford Rib of Beef- 1 star


The Smokin Butcher also known as Hugh has a unique talent for balancing old traditions with new, innovative and exciting trends. Hugh has previously enjoyed huge success in the Great Taste Awards with his innovative smoked black pudding creation which led to his ultimate victory and success in this 2017's Great Taste Awards. Out of 12,500 products, between the UK and Ireland, Hugh was crowned Supreme Champion as well as being presented with a Golden Fork Award for his "genius” smoked black pudding product.


In 2018 The Smokin' Butcher was again nominated for a Golden Fork Award with his Sweet Dry Cured Smoked Collar Bacon, "A stunning sweetly smokey piece of pork, sweet and moist reminiscent of an old fashioned ham, the beech wood smoke recognisable but delicate enough not to overpower the meat." that received 3 gold stars alongside other four products that received 1 and 2 stars.

Over all, Hugh has always been passionate about quality and sees the current mad rush for value as a real pity in the food realm, because he believes quality will suffer in the race for value. Despite all of this, Hugh remains consistent to his mission which is to provide fair value, but good quality always comes first.


Carlingford Oysters


Louet Feisser Oysters- 2 star

Carlingford Oysters- 2 star


Carlingford Oysters was established in 1974, by Peter Louet Feisser and is a family run business situated on the shores of the picturesque Carlingford Lough. The Oysters are grown in the pristine class A waters of Carlingford Lough where they feed on the naturally occurring plankton and the unique mix of local minerals which wash down from the mountain streams produce our oyster’s distinctive taste, texture and colour.


Carlingford Oysters have received Great Taste Awards in 2016, 2017 and received a 3-star award in 2018.


Newgrange Gold


Newgrange Gold Cold Pressed Irish Rapeseed Oil- 2 star


Newgrange Gold is a family business started in 2010 by John Rogers and now managed by his son, Jack Rogers. The business is run from the Rogers’ family farm that looks over the historic and beautiful Boyne Valley looking over the Boyne river at Crewbawn.


Newgrange Gold cold press and bottle locally sourced rapeseed and camelina "Wild Flax" seed from the Boyne Valley. Their oils have won a number of Great Taste awards over the past 8 years and are available in Multiple retailers, good independent Butchers and retails nationally. They also supply the food service market directly


The product range currently consists of Cold pressed virgin Rapeseed oil, Chilli Garlic infused Rapeseed oil, Garden Herbs Infused Rapeseed Oil, Smokey Infused Rapeseed Oil and Camelina Wild Flax Oil.




Sheridans Cheesemongers


Sheridans Raspberry and Rose Jam- 1 star


Sheridans Cheesemongers was founded in 1995, when Seamus and Kevin started selling Irish farmhouse cheeses at the Galway market. They soon opened a shop in Galway, with Irish farmhouse cheeses piled from floor to ceiling. The Irish cheeses were quickly joined by their European cousins as well as a huge range of artisan foods including olive oils, cured meats and pasta sourced during their travels in Europe.

The business now includes a total of four retail outlets, 6 market stalls, and a purpose built Warehouse premises in Meath which serves to supply our many trade customers.



McEntee’s Fine Teas


McEntee's Tea Irish Gold Blend Tea- 1 star


McEntee’s Fine Teas is a family business run by married couple, Donal and Helen McEntee, carefully blending their tea in Co. Louth. McEntee’s Fine Teas are passionate about Irish Blends of loose leaf tea.


Their tea is unmistakably Irish, rich in tradition with a strength and flavor consistent with their commitment to sourcing their teas from only the world’s finest tea gardens. Very aware of the growing desire for a better quality cup of tea and the increasing trend back to loose tea, their Gold Blend and Irish Breakfast blends offer better quality blends for those with a passion for Irish Tea.

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